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Concept & Story


Our restaurant is born from the tradition of the Italian cuisine, revisited through experience and little secrets accumulated around the world. The owl embodies this new knowledge, the curiosity that has always distinguished us to experiment new recipes, new flavours



The pride of the Italian cuisine, Pasta is the undisputed protagonist of each type of menu. Our proposals come from the fusion of traditional Roman and Italian cuisine with little secrets accumulated around the world. Examples are tortelloni stuffed with oxtail and burratina from Andria. A magnificent combination!


Only the best cuts

We have limited our meat offer to the best cuts. You will not find dozens upon dozens of meats from somewhere, but only a selection of the best ones, with qualified and carefully identified suppliers. At L’Oste e la Civetta we have decided to go against the tide, investing in meat quality. For instance, our selection of T-bone American Black Angus beef includes cows which spent 15 months in free grazing farms in the Mid West, and subsequently are fed for about 4 months with corn and cereals. This process makes the grilled meat incredibly tender and tasty.


The king of the sea

The international experience of our Chef has allowed us to exalt His Majesty the King Crab, with unique taste, consistency and quality of the meat. At the Restaurant Crostaceria L’Oste e la Civetta of Rome you will find the King Crab in different forms, from the linguine with Crab cream to the Crab Cake, crabmeat pies with dill white sauce. A delicacy!