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The best meats – The King Crab

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bandiera america ristorante roma eur l' oste e la civettaAmerican Black Angus is the king of the Angus. The beef cattles have black coat and are longhaired. Angus meat is particularly tender and tasty, one of the finest in the world. Our bee cattles spend at least 15 months in free grazing condition, in small farms in the Mid West, and afterwards are fed for 4 months with corn and selected cereals. This allows us to obtain incredibly tender meat and with a very gentle taste.


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Originating from a very prolific and long-lived race, particularly suitable for grazing, Scottish Angus meat is of high quality, with a gentle taste and rich in Omega3. This meas is heavily marbled, with very small and white fat stripes, which melt during the grilling, making each bite tender and strong floavoured.

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Well known for the quality, tenderness and flavour of his meat. This selection of meat is cooled slowly and seasoned along with the bone. The result is a smooth, extremely delicate and compact product.

AustralianWagyu Beef

Waygu beef australiano ristorante l'oste e la civetta roma griglieria

Wagyu meat in the last century has been produced only in three selected farms operating in Southern Australia. In fact, it is due to ideal characteristics of the territory of the South that the Wagyu grow and are nurtured in the right way. Meadows and rivers allow the animals to graze freely, promoting the marbling of the meat. There are several precautions that the Wagyu breeders use to make the meat tender and tasty, among which a special diet, which includes administration of beer or sake, and the massage of the animals.

From the sixth month and up to the 30th month, the diet is integrated with grain, oats, barley and 10% of natural fats. The livestock has a natural growth without the use of hormones. The meat is maturated for at least 14 days.

The wagyu beef is different from other meats for its high intramuscular marbling (unsaturated fat) that melts during cooking. This is the most prized meat in the world, in fact, the more meat is marbled the more its value increases. Referring to Japanese classification (Japanese Meat Grading), the Australian wagyu has a marbled meat between 6 and 9 (9 is the top).

Waygu beef australiano oste e la civetta roma griglieria

Shorthorn beef l' oste e la civetta ristorante


bandiera scozia ristorante roma eur l' oste e la civetta

The “shorthorn” race is native of County Durham in the North East of Scotland. It comes from animals bred using traditional methods; only females (heifers) are slaughtered aged up to of a maximum of 16 months. For organoleptic characteristics, marbling and tenderness, we can say that the result is an exceptional meat that stands out throughout Europe for flavour and tenderness.


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The “Scottona Piemontese” is a kind of beef particularly appreciated by the chefs. Its peculiarity lies in his genetic structure that makes it basically fibre-free, lean, but at the same time very tender. The balanced fat infiltration (marbling) and a right maturation make it really soft. The flavuor and almost sweet taste in the mouth are persistent and gentle on the palate.

Fassona Piemontese l' oste e la civetta ristorante

chianina ristorante l' oste e la civetta roma eur


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It is a very ancient race, of Umbro-Etruscan origin. The beefs have been bred for at least 22 centuries in the Tiber valley and in Val di Chiana (Tuscany). The uniqueness of his genetic heritage has made this cow a sought after reproducer around the world, where it is crossed with other breeds to improve the quality of its meat. The high-quality and the rich taste make the Chianina the queen of the grill meat.


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The King Crab is particularly appreciated for the tenderness of its meat. It is caught in the Bearing’s Sea and in Alaska. The king Crab is known worldwide as “the king of the crustaceans”, with a very sweet taste and a consistency tender and tight at the same time. It’s easy to turn it into one of the many delicious dishes made of crab meat, paying attention to heat it gently and only for the time strictly necessary. Safety and quality are the fundamental pillars for the fishing industry of the countries bordering the North Pacific Ocean; each batch is controlled and traceable. The processing system is fast: harvested in cold northern seas and during the most inclement season, the king crab (still on board of vessels to capture and transformation, “farm fishing vessel” or “freezer vessels”) is cleaned, cooked and immediately frozen to preserve its quality intact till it is cooked and served in our restaurant. Delicious meat, an intense white and a delicate flavour.

King crab granchio alaska l' oste e la civetta ristorante roma crostaceria

Tiger Prawn tunisia l' oste e la civetta ristorante


bandiera tunisia ristorante roma eur l' oste e la civetta

Tender shrimps with compact white flesh and streaked by coral rings. Caught in the Mediterranean, mainly in front of Tunisia. The Mediterranean Tunisian shrimp has a size ranging from 10cm to 15cm. Particularly common in the Sicily channel, it is caught by fishing but also by traps. With their low calorie – 100g portion contains only 80 kcal – the shrimps are ideal for a healthy diet, still rich in flavor. They also offer several nutritional advantages, for their content of protein, vitamins and minerals. They contain astaxanthin, a carotenoid that color them with pink and that can act as a powerful antioxidant preventing premature skin aging.